St. Mark’s Episcopal Church Bay City, Texas (click to enlarge any of the files below)
St. Mark’s is a community committed to the Lord Jesus Christ and to His Word. We welcome all in His name. Our primary services are on Sunday morning, and include Christian Education for all ages. Feel free to contact us with questions or concerns. This congregation is a member of the Episcopal Church (U.S.A.) and the Diocese of Texas. We are also part of the world-wide Anglican Communion—a fellowship of those around the world whose spiritual roots came from the Church of England. Those roots make us ancient and current, traditional and lively, serious and a lot of fun! Bless you. Please browse around the site to get a feel for the life of worship, learning, and service that we wholeheartedly embrace. 
Saint Mark's Episcopal Church, 2200 Avenue E, Bay City, TX, 77414  (979) 245-2557
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