Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church


Charter of the Property Committee


1.    Purpose


a.    Assist Junior Warden in general oversight of maintenance of church buildings and grounds, especially on major decision issues

b.    Participate in the evaluation of the best use of existing church property to meet future church community needs

c.    Assist Junior Warden in oversight of improvement of church buildings and grounds through capital expenditure programs for new facility construction or renovation in the future

d.    Develop and maintain documentation of any relevant operational and maintenance items for future reference


2.    Type of Committee and Program Area


a.    Standing committee in the area of Administration


3.    Membership


a.    The Committee consists of 5 (five) members, including at least 4 (four) chosen for their interest in, and knowledge of, buildings and grounds, along with the Junior Warden who is selected by the Vestry

b.    The initial board will be consist of 4 (four) charter members, 2 (two) serving for 1 (one) year terms, and 2 (two) serving for 2 (two) year terms

c.    Each consecutive year, 2 (two) new members will be selected for a 2 (two) year term, 2 (two) members will remain on the committee from the previous year to complete their 2nd (second) year of service, and 2 (two) members will resign as their 2 (two) year service will have expired

d.    Members may serve an unlimited number of terms, but must not serve 3 (three) consecutive 2 (two) year terms.  Members must be off of the committee a full year before being able to serve another 2 (two) year term unless approved by the Vestry


4.    Chairperson


a.    Junior Warden will serve as head of the Property Committee and will serve as a liaison between the Vestry and the committee, and will maintain authority for all final decisions for presentation to the Vestry






5.    Activities, Duties, and Responsibilities


a.    Advises and assists the Junior Warden in managing the care of church

buildings and grounds, including planning for maintenance and improvement


b.    Recommends approval of long-term contracts with commercial firms for:

                                  i.    Lawn care, tree pruning, construction, demolition, preventative   maintenance and any other service needed for church property

                                ii.    Heating and air-conditioning, refuse removal, pest control, and other

buildings services

                c.    Makes recommendation(s) to the Junior Warden (for Vestry consideration) of the conservative use of the Building Maintenance Fund. (This special fund is set aside to pay for periodic replacement and repair of such items as but not limited to HVAC units, roofs, carpeting and flooring, electrical, plumbing, lighting and other general maintenance items.  Repairs charged to this fund can range from less than $100 to several thousand, depending on the need.) 

                d.    Plans and organizes work projects and coordinates the work of volunteers

f.     Submits any budget requests to the Vestry through the Junior Warden

g.    In cooperation with the Junior Warden, submits an annual Property Committee report for submission to Parishioners at the Annual Parish Meeting

h.    Concedes all final decisions for presentation to the Vestry to the discretion of the Junior Warden


6. Authority Delegated or Retained


a.    The Property Committee has no decision making authority for expenditure of any funds or operational accounts under the management and direction of Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church, Bay City, Texas 

b.    The Property Committee is to serve as an extension of the position of Junior Warden, and is to function as an advisory board for visioning, evaluating and recommending strategic action in alignment with the vision and purpose of Saint Mark’s


6.    Records and Reports


a.    All major Committee recommendations, including votes on contracts and expenditures, shall be recorded in minutes of Vestry meetings, which shall be available to the congregation



Primary author(s) of this charter:   Don Ahysen, Josh Shield and the 2014 Vestry of Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church, Bay City, Texas. 


Date this Charter was approved by Junior and Senior Wardens:  April 17, 2014

Date this Charter was reviewed and approved by the Vestry:  May 13, 2014