St. Mark's Episcopal Church

Bay City, Texas

Diocese of Texas


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Eucharist Ministers

Lay Eucharistic Ministers, licensed by the Bishop,

are those who bear the chalice at services of Holy Eucharist.  They read the Epistle at the services.  In addition, these individuals are Lay Readers who are trained to lead Morning Prayer in the absence of the rector.


Lectors read the Old Testament Lesson and lead the Psalm at Sunday services.

Prayers of the People

Volunteers lead the Prayers of the People at Sunday Services.


Acolytes participate in worship services by carrying the cross and torches in procession and serving at the altar at the 8:30 am or 10:45 am services.  Any person eleven years old or older may become an acolyte, and adults are encouraged to serve in the capacity also.  Initial training is required before serving in the ministry, and all acolytes are expected to attend regularly scheduled training sessions thereafter.


Ushers assist in worship by greeting people, handing out service bulletins, passing the offering plates, and directing worshipers to the communion rail.  Both children and adults can be ushers.


The adult choir leads the congregational singing and presents anthem music at special services through out the year.  Youth from time to time present musical offerings independently or with adult support.

Altar Guild

Members prepare the altar for all worship services, provide care for altar linens, hangings, vessels, brass and so forth.  Altar Guild members are scheduled in teams of two and serve for two weeks every two months.  Men, women and teens are welcome to join the Altar Guild.

If you wish to participate in any of our Worship Ministries, please contact the church office.